Get Involved


In a continuing effort to provide a safe environment for students, the school is requiring that all parents/visitors come by the main office to check in before going to other areas in the building and wear visitor badges. Check out through the office as well.

You are a part of our school and we encourage your participation in classroom activities, however we do appreciate it if parents observe the following guidelines:

Please contact your child's teacher for a planned visit.

Young age children should not attend with parents who are volunteering.  

Young children frequently are not as interested in observing classrooms as their parents and often act as a distraction to students. Respect the teacher's need to focus on classroom instruction and schedule student conferences at other times.

Other school aged students, perhaps family visitors, are not able to spend the day.


The South Lakewood PTA holds monthly meetings which are open to all parents. The PTA provides a monthly newsletter which goes home with each family. PTA has many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. We encourage all parents to join and attend meetings.


The South Lakewood School Accountability Committee (SAC) is made up of interested parents and school staff members who represent the K-6 perspective. The committee will be chaired by a member of our community and will provide an opportunity for parents and staff to meet and work together toward the goal of having an excellent school for our children. Everyone is encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. Check our marquee or newsletter for meeting dates.


When the community is involved, the schools can do a better job in providing a quality education for children. A cooperative effort between school and home can only enhance your child's educational experiences at South Lakewood.

Children love to see their parents involved in their education. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to volunteer to help at school. In addition to attending Parent Teacher (PTA) meetings and our SIT(School Improvement Team) meetings, parent volunteers in the classroom are also encouraged. Throughout the year, many special programs and field trips come up which definitely need parent volunteers. Our library can always use extra help. We ask that all volunteers, who don't have students attending South Lakewood , complete a Volunteer Information and Confidentiality Sheet for emergency purposes.

We encourage you to visit and look forward to seeing you at South Lakewood.