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Principal: Loren Huwa

Principal's Secretary: Kathy Williams

Enrollment Secretary: Denise Finan

Clinic Assistant: Jennifer Cole

SCHOOL HOURS: 9:00 a.m. -3:35 p.m.

Optional student breakfast is available for purchase at 8:30a.m. in the cafeteria.


School Board Policy states that, "The appearance of dress of students shall not be disruptive to the educational process or constitute a health or safety hazard.&" For example, baseball caps are appropriate outdoor wear, but will not be worn inside the building. We are asking that your children DO NOT wear tube tops, halter tops, short shorts, short skirts (must be to fingertips with arms and hands down to sides), tank tops or spaghetti strap tops. Clothing must not contain obscene or offensive language, alcoholic beverage/smoking advertisements, or suggestive slogans. Gang apparel (such as dragging & sagging) will not be tolerated. No skate shoes allowed at school. Only "natural&" looking hair color is allowed and "extreme&" hair styles are discouraged, being a classroom distraction.

Special student sponsored dress-days may occur during the school year. If such a day occurs, we will notify you in advance and we will expect the clothing worn during such occasions to be in good taste.

Please help us to protect your child by insisting that adequate clothing be worn during the winter. We will attempt to send all children outdoors except on the very coldest, wettest days. A breath of fresh air does wonders for the wiggles.


To insure the safe and timely arrival and departure of children, we have established the following guidelines. Buses ONLY are permitted in the south drive-through on 1st Avenue in front of the school from 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. and from 3:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please arrange to meet your student along the sidewalk area in front of the school where parking is permitted or along a side street. The church parking lot at 1st & Carr may also be used. A crosswalk area with a light and crossing guard will be stationed between Cody Street and Cody Court on 1st Avenue.

Parents who are transporting their children to and from school MAY NOT USE THE STAFF PARKING LOT ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE SCHOOL TO PICK UP OR UNLOAD THEIR CHILDREN. This is a serious safety concern because children walk through the parking lot. Please honor our request.


School Attendance Number: 303-982-7300

Every hour of every school day is important to your child's education. We expect students to be in attendance and on time each day of the school year. Absences and tardies have a negative effect upon instructional continuity, regardless of the attempts to make up work. Duplication of the classroom experience can never be accomplished with out-of-school assignments.

South Lakewood Attendance Policy

-If your child will be absent or late, parents must call the attendance line by 9:30am to be excused for that day, 303-982-7300.

-The school will try to contact you if there is no message left on our attendance line and it will be unexcused.

-All tardies will be counted as unexcused unless you call the attendance line by 9:30am or your child gives the office a note when he/she signs in late for the day. Arrivals after 9:05 will be counted as tardy.

- All suspensions and in-school suspensions will be unexcused.

-If your child will be absent for a prolonged period of time, please inform the office and fill out a Prearranged Absence form.

-Please keep your phone number and address up to date on Jeffco Connect so we can reach you at all times.

- South Lakewood sends home attendance letters for excessive absences.

-After the 2nd letter, the 3rd letter goes to Student Outreach.

A child leaving school during the school day must be picked up AND signed out by the parent or a person designated by the parent. Children are never sent home during the day unless the office staff has contacted parents first. No one other than the parent(s), legal guardian or person designated on the emergency card may take a child out of school unless that person has written permission or we contact the parents by phone.



A bike rack is provided for bicycles. However, please remember that students bring their bicycles at their own risk. The school has no insurance coverage for lost, stolen, or broken bicycles or any other personal property. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Money for field trips, book orders, and other school activities should be sealed in an envelope with your child's name and teacher written clearly on the outside of the envelope. Checks are encouraged. The school will not be responsible for lost money.


A signed permission slip is necessary for each child going on a field trip. No permission may be given over the phone. Exemplary behavior is expected of all students at all times.


We are concerned for the health and well being of all our students. Our clinic is available for those children who become ill or are injured at school. If a child runs a temperature one degree above normal, is deemed truly ill or has an injury that appears to require medical attention, parents will be called and will be expected to come to the school to pick up their child immediately.

Please help us to meet the needs of your children by not sending them to school ill or with undiagnosed rashes or physical problems and by helping them to recognize and understand the real signs of illness.

Keeping students' Jeffco Connect updated with current revisions and correct phone numbers is important. If your child goes to a daycare, this information is helpful to the school in case of an emergency. Be sure any severe medical conditions are clearly noted and a health action plan is on file with the clinic.

Medication will be given at school ONLY UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

1. Parent or guardian's written permission using Medication Permit Form 924 for each illness and prescription. You may pick up this form in the office.

2. Non-prescription medication must be provided in the ORIGINAL container and the bottle must be clearly labeled with the student's name. Examples are Advil, "cold&" preparations and even vitamins.

3. Prescription medication must be provided in the ORIGINAL PHARMACY CONTAINER and include the name of the student, the name of the medication, the dosage, the length of time of administration and the number of times per day, and the name of the physician. Medication must be currently prescribed.

Multiple medications must be in separate, original containers. If 1/2 pills are required, they must be precut by the pharmacist or parent.


Optional instrumental music instruction on standard band and orchestra instruments is offered for students in fifth and sixth grades. This program is offered during the regular school day and requires participating students to miss some of the regularly scheduled classes. This may require some extra homework to keep students' work up to date in all classes.


All personal belongings should be labeled with your child's name before being brought to school. There is a lost and found clothing rack by the gym. Parents and children are encouraged to check often for lost articles. Unclaimed clothing will periodically be donated to a community service organization


Jefferson County Schools maintains a hot lunch program. Cost of lunch is as follows:

$2.85 Grades K - 6

$ .85 White / Chocolate Milk

Breakfast, 8:30 - 9:00 am, may be purchased for $1.85 for Kindergarten through 6th grades.

Children may bring sack lunches. The price of milk is $.85 per carton. Students may order sack lunches on field trip days.

Your child is responsible for his/her money. Students should purchase lunch marks by bringing their money or a check (made out to "Food Services&") to the cafeteria or you may use MealPay on our website. This eliminates the need for students to carry either lunch tickets or cash, often the source of tears or frustration when lost. Snacks are sold in the lunchroom on a cash basis, not through lunch marks. Jefferson County Schools does have a Free and Reduced lunch program. Applications are available in the office.


Quality education requires close and open communication between parents and teachers. To support our belief in educational excellence, formal scheduled conferences will be held in the fall. Spring conferences are scheduled as needed.


Students bringing personal property to school do so at their own risk. Jefferson County School District cannot be responsible for, nor can it ensure against, damages or loss to personal property arising on school property and/or at school-sponsored activities and trips. Toys are not appropriate to bring to school unless a special request has been made by the teacher. During school hours, students are not allowed to use expensive or disruptive items such as cell phones, iPods, mp-3 players, or electronic games on school property. Outdoor play equipment (basketballs, softballs, etc.) should not be brought to school because of the chance of damage or loss. Students and parents are encouraged to look through the lost & found rack on the main floor, for any lost items.


All clubs may be scheduled before and after school hours. Fees may apply.

AMP (Art, Music &P.E.)

Children will be attending art, music and physical education on a rotating schedule. If a child is to be excused from the regular physical education program, a note of explanation must be sent to the physical education teacher.

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