Principal Page

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Dear Families,

I am excited and thankful to start this journey with you as Principal at South Lakewood Elementary. Together we are better and I know that this year will be exceptional for our students, staff and families. As I begin this new adventure, I reflect on my experiences in the classroom that brought me to the role as a principal. As a Kindergarten teacher, I remember helping students learn how to read and the confidence these students gained, creating a passion for learning. In 2nd Grade, I think about implementing character work and helping students to understand the importance of becoming better world citizens, through understanding grit, resilience and optimism. As a Dean of Students, I think about creating a strong culture and community within our school which allows students to build empathy and understanding, thus creating a family within our students and staff. Combining academics and social emotional work, as an AP, I worked closely with my staff on academic standards and truly created a rigorous, joyful classroom experience.

Today, as Principal, I look forward to us creating the school experience that every student deserves. As a leader, I hold true to my values and beliefs. It is these beliefs that bring me to work every day, to give my 100% to be the leader that inspires, motivates and helps our students to achieve.

I believe in relationships. I believe that every child deserves a champion. Someone who believes that they can and will be successful in school and empowers these students to aspire to be great. I want students to create relationships with not only peers, but with the staff. I value my staff and know that together we are better. You’ll see me walking the halls, at lunch and recess, before and after school, talking with your students. This is what brings me joy! Together we will create a joyful school community.

I believe in constant reflection. As a leader, I challenge myself to be better every single day and continue to grow. A growth mindset helps me to focus on my goals, not only for myself, but for our students, staff and community. Reflection helps to ground myself in the present, thinking about the past and how to create a brighter future. Being reflective helps me to listen intently. I value the relationships I have with all stakeholders. I will listen to ideas and challenges and work together to create our vision for South Lakewood. I will analyze multiple data points to ensure our students are growing in their education and I will never stop learning. I am a lead learner. Together we will create relationships and partnerships that will help our students to grow.

I believe in equity. Every child, every classroom, every day. I believe in knowing our students' names, who they are, their families and their passions and interests. I believe that every child has the right to a quality education. Authentic learning that challenges our students to think critically and creatively. I believe in the power of education. Together we will help every child see their greatness.

I believe in collaborative learning. I am inspired every day by our staff, who work together to provide your child with a joyful learning environment. I know that I am not always the expert and it takes multiple talents to help our students grow. Again, with our understanding that we are #BetterTogether, as a leader I will support a culture of growth and provide opportunities for our staff to build efficacy. Together we will create a community of lifelong learners.

I believe in educating the whole child. Academics are just as important as social emotional skills. I am committed to providing opportunities for your child to see themselves as world citizens, through authentic learning aligned with character work. Together we will help students aspire to be great.

I believe in every child, every day. This matters. Your child matters. I will never give up on a child. I will walk alongside your child on this learning journey. We are #BetterTogether.

I am thankful and honored to be the Principal of South Lakewood Elementary. A new adventure awaits… here we go!

Educationally Yours,

Eric Romero