Ms. Ward
Ms. Ward's  Art  Room  @   South Lakewood

Brush Person Cartoon.png


Hi South Lakewood! 
I'm so glad to be here making art with you again this year!
Art and children have been in my life for so long - your kids have the best ideas that I could never come up with myself!  I have always been interested in color, design, composition and arranging things.  I used to sit in my room for hours just making as a kid. Collage was my favorite medium then.  

This will be my 12th year teaching art in schools,  my 5th year in JeffCo public schools, and my 3rd at South Lakewood.  I grew up in Maryland and received a 
 BA in Visual Arts from Winthrop University, in South Carolina.  That is where I worked at summer camps in the mountains and fell in love with all things outdoors.  I worked with AmeriCorps for a year in the Maryland Conservation Corps, and did a season of environmental education in Columbiana, Alabama before beginning work on my master's degree in Art Education at the University of Maryland.  I taught art in Washington, D.C. and Maryland before moving to Colorado.

I strongly believe in working with your children to set goals and grow in their skills.  My personal art goals this year include finishing the #100daysofplace project I started this summer, and continuing to show my work out in the world.  You can find my work at Quince Essential Coffee this September and you can check out my Instagram to see how the #100days project is coming!  
My favorite things to do when I'm not making art are eating, whitewater kayaking and rafting, skiing, hanging out with my dog Bowline and playing outside.